Walking with Prada

by Silvia Mesa

Step into the extraordinary life of Prada, a beautiful golden retriever who shared love and adventures with her family and friends.

From her playful puppyhood to overcoming cancer and becoming a therapy dog, Prada’s journey is a testament to resilience and the deep connections that are fostered with a canine companion.

Author and Prada’s mom, Silvia Mesa, warmly recounts their experiences, showcasing the challenges and joys they faced together. Through Prada’s Facebook Page, “Prada’s Bunch and Friends,” their heartwarming story reached hearts across the world, leaving an unforgettable impact.

Amidst struggles and successes, Mesa unveils a tale of survival, kindness, and companionship. Prada’s legacy shines as a beacon of love that touched the world profoundly.
Whether you are part of Prada’s Bunch and Friends or have cherished a furry companion, this tribute to the bonds we share with our pets is a must-read. Join the journey of Walking with Prada to discover the enduring power of friendship and a pet’s lasting imprint.

It is time to come Walking with Prada.

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Contact Silvia Mesa:

Silvia Mesa was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on March 9th, 1970.  Lived with her Cuban parents Antonio and Lourdes Balestena and her siblings Maribet, Luly, Tony and Beto until 1989 when the family and her two Pekinese dogs decided to move to Miami, Florida seeking a better life. 

In 1995, Silvia got married to Miguel Mesa and had two children, Cristina and Carlos. Silvia graduated from FIU in 1998 with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. She currently works as an administrator for her dad’s real estate company. In 2017 became a therapy dog handler and team up with her Golden Retrievers Prada, Charlie Brown and Lalique.

Silvia loved so much her work as a therapy dog team that she got a certification from Oakland University in Human-Animal Intervention.  After 6 years working as a volunteer in libraries with her therapy dog Charlie Brown, Silvia decided to look for a certification that could facilitate her to work with children. In January of 2023 she obtained a certification from Adventure in Wisdom, a program that helps kids with their mindset skills. Silvia is also now a Life Coach for Kids with her partner therapy dog Charlie Brown. Together they run Charlie’s Wags of Wisdom. 

Silvia is currently living in Miami, Florida with her husband Miguel, her children Cristina and Carlos, her two golden retrievers Charlie Brown and Lalique, her indoor cat Oliver and her feathery kids Nina, a yellow amazon parrot and Cuchi, a quaker parrot.  Silvia is also a caretaker of four outdoor cats that live in her front porch. Willow, Millie, Bonito and Eleonor and a few others and the occasional racoon family.  Needless to say, she is a big animal lover. Walking with Prada is her first book.